About Ensight Partners

Ensight Partners strives to improve the world around us through our work with
individuals, teams and our community.

Executive + Insight = Ensight

Ensight Partners’ passion is equipping leaders with insights that create efficiency, self-discovery, leadership effectiveness and team cohesion. That passion for transformation is contagious, making change at every level of an organization possible, and even fun.


A high degree of accountability is required to be the change you wish to see in the world. The executive coaches and consultants of Ensight Partners are committed to achieving mastery of their professional practice and peace in their personal lives.


We envision our clients’ teams as effective, committed, accountable, supportive and frictionless in communication. We envision a world that cherishes diversity, defends the greater good, embraces healthy discourse, and unites in common goals. Ensight Partners and our wonderful community of clients are challenging one another to be better, both for ourselves and the world around us. We’d love for you to join us on that journey.

Our Vision

Ensight Partners’ vision is to realize the full potential of effective leadership across the planet, resulting in a sustainable and inspiring future for all. 

Our Mission

Ensight Partners’ mission is to elevate leadership effectiveness, team cohesion, and sustainable change in teams and communities around the world.

Our Values

Insight: Our services generate lasting insights that increase leadership and organizational effectiveness, savvy communication, and a better quality of life.

Creativity: We believe that our perspective on life, love, work, community service, leadership and happiness is a result of creative thought and expression. 

Excellence: Our definition of excellence is harmony between the passionate mastery of our profession and a rich, meaningful life outside of work. 

Leadership: We believe leadership is a constant state of being, rather than a position or title. At work, home and in our community we all have the opportunity to lead and serve. 

Love: We believe in a communication style, leadership presence, and approach to life that embodies kindness and respect toward all, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Meet Your Team

You need skilled professionals who will work alongside your leadership team to raise awareness, accountability and engagement.

We have the knowledge, heart and experience to help your leaders accomplish more.

Daniel Stover,
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Founder & CEO
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Jules Elving,
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant
Meet Jules
Melissa Parnell,
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant
Meet Melissa
Dominique Burrell-Paige,
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant
Meet Dominique
Shannon Kroenke,
MS, MT-BC, CYT-200
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant
Meet Shannon
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