Frequently Asked Questions

Ensight Partners often receives inquiries about our line of work, our practice philosophy and how we provide our services. Read below to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Common Questions

What is effective leadership?

Thousands of ideas have been published each year about effective leadership and management. In our current knowledge economy, effective leadership is the ability to create a cohesive culture, attune to the psychological needs of a team, and deliver continuously-improving results. It is no mistake that emotional intelligence, mindfulness and other self-awareness building practices have recently dominated the leadership development space. They are the foundations of modern leadership effectiveness.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to accurately understand and use our emotions productively in our work, communication and relationships. The word “ability” highlights that emotional intelligence is a competency that can be learned, rather than a fixed personality trait.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of giving attention to our experiences in the present moment with openness, curiosity and acceptance.  Mindful leaders are more resilient, curious, creative and empathetic. When facing adversity, mindful leaders understand how to create a calming focus within themselves and their teams.

Do people actually change?

Yes, under two conditions. First, there must be an acknowledgement that something needs to be improved. Second, there must be a will to improve, or a motivation to have a different experience of the world.

Is this worth the investment?

Yes, and our clients are glad to back us up. Ensight Partners confidently guarantees our work. No complicated contracts, no obligations if you aren’t satisfied.

How long does it take?

Some of our coaching clients need nine to twelve months of regular meetings to experience change and get what they need, while others like to keep us as a trusted advisor for years as their career or company progresses.


Similarly, our consulting and training clients have specific, time-limited objectives to meet while others prefer monthly or quarterly meetings over many years.

What’s in it for me?

The ROI of leadership development depends on how much energy you put in. When our clients give an earnest effort, we often hear “this changed my life,” since excellent communication and leadership skills reach far beyond the office.  Ensight Partners is very creative and collaborative with our clients’ development process to maximize their growth.

What do you charge?

Our scope of work varies based on the specific needs of each client we serve. However, we have an hourly rate for coaching, a daily rate for consulting, and both an hourly and package rate for trainings. We’d love to be your trusted resource, so to determine exactly what our services would cost you, please contact us for a specific quote.

What’s the format?

In coaching, we meet with clients one to four times per month depending on the needs of the leader. We encourage our clients to give the relationship a year, but it is retained and guaranteed month-to-month.


In consulting, we often blend individual meetings, small group meetings, and targeted training for our clients on a monthly interval. These engagements evolve over time as the priorities and challenges change.


In training, we will spend some time getting to know you to make sure we are tailoring the training to exactly what your team or company needs. We offer single trainings from an hour to a full-day, and offer training series from an hour each, to a full-day each.

Service Questions

What industries do you serve?

Because human emotion and leadership psychology remain industry agnostic, Ensight Partners has a wonderfully diverse range of experience within the following industries:


  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Banking
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Tech and digital tech
  • Engineering
  • Higher education
  • Fashion design & manufacturing
  • Architecture & design
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Retail & wholesale
  • Not-for-profit
  • Logistics & distribution
  • Scientific research laboratories
  • Startups
  • Merger & acquisitions

How do you help small businesses?

Ensight Partners helps small businesses overcome relationship and communication breakdowns, enhance leadership and management strategies, organize their internal and external strategy, increase accountability, and set clear organizational goals.

How do you help family-owned companies?

Ensight Partners introduces objectivity and structure in family business dynamics. Running a family business is more relationally complex and the emotional stakes often feel heightened. We bring a focus to the team and family dynamics that can make a family business prosper. We are known for streamlining communication, resolving difficult conversations, integrating non-family members into leadership positions and integrating culture between family and non-family members.

How do you help mid-market and large companies?

Ensight Partners accelerates leadership development for individual managers and senior leaders who are highly competent in their expertise, but need polish in leadership, relationships and communication. When working with teams, we streamline communication and conflict resolution between levels of management and create healthy feedback mechanisms to promote change. Culturally, we create common language for effective communication and leadership, allowing entire organizations to successfully integrate meaningful ways of interacting with one another.

How do you help startup companies?

Ensight Partners helps startups create calm in chaos, articulate their value, enhance their creative process, organize their internal and external strategy, set clear goals and evolve from “all hands on deck” to an effective management and leadership strategy.

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