Dominique Burrell-Paige, Ph.D.


Dominique grew up in Richmond, VA and attended Old Dominion University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. He then continued his educational journey at Liberty University where he received his master’s degree in Human Services Counseling. Upon graduating Liberty, he ended his educational journey at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he earned his Ph.D. in Business Psychology with an emphasis in consulting.

Dominique is a business psychologist and DEI wizard at heart and believes that effective organizational structure starts with addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion needs first. He’s actively been in the DEI space since 2016 helping organizations and leaders reach their full potential by guiding them through antiracism and critical race practices from a holistic lens that reminds organizations, of all industries, that we’re all fallible. After his Ph.D. in Business Psychology, he expanded his DEI toolkit to help organizations achieve racial equity through strategic advisory, executive coaching, and general consulting that supports sustainability.

He is an entrepreneur at heart and owns a small pressed juice company based in Inglewood, CA called Blacker the Berry. He has a passion for advocacy and justice and spends his extracurricular time working on those efforts.

Why is Dominique a Coach and Consultant?

I love those “ah-ha” moments where my clients remove the multiple titles that are attached to their name on a daily basis (CEO, mom, dad, brother, marketer, etc.) and realize that they are human first and there’s no end all, be all within professional or personal development.

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