Shannon Kroenke, MS, MT-BC, CYT-200


Shannon grew up in rural northern Wisconsin, working on her family’s farm and construction business from a young age. It was within these experiences where she cultivated her knack for hard work in small businesses, and a passion for being on a team.


Shannon has an extensive leadership and psychological sciences career, including expertise being a project leader, supervisor and owner of her private clinical practice. Shannon has also served 21 years in the Army National Guard— both as an enlisted leader and a Behavior Health Officer. Currently, Shannon is promoting to Major and has received multiple awards during her military service, including Army Achievement Medals, Army Commendation Medals, and the Joint Service Commendation Medal for her recent deployment in Djibouti, as the Officer in Charge for the Behavioral Health team at Camp Lemonnier HQ.


Shannon graduated with her B.A. in Music Therapy from Marylhurst University, where she performed jazz at Carnegie Hall, and later received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from University of Minnesota Duluth. She is extensively trained and certified in a wide range of practitioner modalities including somatic experiencing, trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and guided imagery with music.


In her free time, Shannon spends quality time with her friends and family, as well as staying close within military, yoga, business, and local arts communities. Shannon loves living by Lake Superior and has passions for hiking, sea kayaking, gardening, ballroom dancing and sailing. She believes in adventure to the fullest, traveling to new places, and learning from diverse cultures. She also loves to read, sing jazz, and pen her own writings. In her life, Shannon has discovered the importance of connectedness and balance between work, relationships, spirituality and sheer enjoyment.

Why is Shannon a Coach and Consultant?

Working with human potential has inspired me deeply for years. Witnessing and helping facilitate authentic transformation truly brings me joy, and choosing to live within a growth-oriented ethos has been my personal and professional gift and calling for many years now. Daily, I’m inspired to help others find freedom from internal and external conflict—connecting to hopeful resolution with integrated, conscious change. Leadership to me has always meant “walking the talk,” and living out the work in a transparent, authentic manner. Growth, connection, and deep integrity for myself in relationship to others is a gift of a lifetime for me. And it’s a true joy and honor to be a coach!

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